Photo: Mac Shafer

The Bridge

"The Newport KY DIY skatepark is something very special to me. It's somewhere I can go to get lost in skateboarding, which is an amazing thing. Whether it's skating, building, or just hanging out down there, it's given me, and a lot of other people, peace of mind and happiness. It's a special feeling to skate something with all of your friends that everyone created. What I like the most about the park is the uniqueness of it. While there are other skateparks and DIY parks, the community that built this place can be seen in what we have built. I think the mural on the wall ... sums up the place so well. It's colorful and vibrant and weird and awesome, you can't pick out the one thing you like the most because it's all interesting, unique, and obscure."

-Scott Licardi

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